Who we areGala Agriculture Ltd (Gala), is a limited liability company incorporated in 2007, is registered in Malawi and is operating under its trade name “Gala Macs” and is focused in the large scale production of macadamias”

Gala Macs operates a total of 12 farms spanning 6,048 hectares of which 2,050 hectares are under macadamia.

The farms are situated in the Lilongwe District in Malawi on a plateau forming part of the East African Rift Valley situated at an altitude of 1050 m above sea level and an approximate latitude and longitude of 13.96`26°S, 33.77`41°E.

Rainfall patterns see a warm, wet season during the months November-April, during which 95% of the annual precipitation takes place, with an average rainfall of 800 mm in the areas around the region.

World Class QualityIn July 2021, the Old Mutual Ulimi Fund, a private equity fund owned by the Old Mutual Investment Group, whose objective is investing in the development of agriculture in Malawi, made a significant investment in Gala Macs. Signature B.V., of the Netherlands, is the Fund Manager of the agribusiness of the Ulimi Fund and is bringing in its international expertise to a dynamic partnership.

The company has, since November 2023, planted a total of 2,050 hectares with macadamias. This has made Gala Macs probably the largest single macadamia producing entity in the whole of Africa and probably the fifth in the world in terms of planted macadamias. Malawi has made significant strides in developing and expanding its macadamia industry and is currently the seventh largest producer of macadamia in the world. In 2022, Malawi produced approx. 12,000 tons of nuts in shell. Gala Macs is proud to have contributed to this.

Gala Macs is committed towards building a state-of-the-art export driven macadamia operation which will contribute positively to the National Economy of Malawi through its foreign currency export earnings.  Gala will continue shaping the macadamia industry with the objective of operating to high sustainability standards. Responsible commercial agribusiness is key to driving agricultural development in Malawi.

Both Gala Agriculture Company and Old Mutual underpin their activities with the highest levels of environmental consciousness, deep social commitment to the people and country in which they operate, supported by a Board and Management Team that exercises international standards of governance.

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