Gala MacsDehusking & Curing Facility

Dehusking and curing processes are currently undertaken at its own in-house facility which includes automated controls over its 22 curing bins. Curing is the process of drying the Macadamia Nut in shell to a specific moisture level and is critical in managing post-harvest nut quality. Automated curing systems ensure consistent drying, reducing mould and quality degradation risks.

The husks are biodegradable and are used in the fields again as a mulching compound.

Gala Macs has currently has a handling capacity of 10,000 tons Dry Nuts in Shell and cool room storage facilities of over 2,000 tons. Further expansions and upgrades are planned for 2024 and 2025 to cater for the increasing production.

Gala Macs has recently installed an In-line X-ray Sorting Machine. X-ray technology is crucial in sorting due to its ability and precision in detecting internal defects within the shelled nut. X-rays penetrate the shell and can detect hidden issues such as insect damage, mould or kernel imperfections. This ensures only high-quality nuts reaching the consumers. Moreover, this technology streamlines and adds value to the already stringent sorting process that is undertaken manually.

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